History - Profile

Hello, I am Alessio Ziliotto and I founded E.C.R. srl in March 1976.

E.C.R. srl is the highest expression of my experience in the semiconductors field begining in Texas Instruments in 1969.

E.C.R. srl is a stocking distributor operating in the import/export of active and passive electronic components.

E.C.R. srl is specialized in obsolete and hard-to-find semiconductors with the own warehouse in Milano or, when the parts are not in our stock, through our international brokerage service.

E.C.R. srl is publishing on the site the stock list of own inventory regarding prevalently semiconductors. Upon request we can send to you the same stock list in excel.

E.C.R. srl is selling to oem’s, cem’s, international brokers, distributors, service companies, etc.

E.C.R srl is flexible, rapid, fast and with the own real warehouse he is in the position to ship immediately parts you have ordered: not within one day or two or three but right now!

E.C.R srl is very precise and reliable in shipping parts you have ordered. In fact all components before to leave our warehouse are inspected and checked in quality and quantity personally by Alessio Ziliotto.

E.C.R. srl increasing constantly the own inventory buying new items/lines of obsolete, hard to find and end of live semiconductors.

E.C.R. srl is taking in consideration any kind of purchasing source therefore please do not hesitate to submit to us your semiconductors surplus, new/unused/unprogrammed only, sending lists in excel to buyer@ecr-srl.eu